Friday, June 22, 2007

The Lousy Italian

I LOVE to cook. I especially enjoy cooking for others, and to be honest and a little prideful, I like to think I'm a good cook. Most often people stuff themselves at my table and it brings me great joy.

Several months ago, Jack, Gary and Judy's son spent the weekend with me. The kid praised me up and down, and even went home telling Gary and Judy that Pam makes really good spaghetti sauce and salsa. The night we had spaghetti, I had to tell him NOT to lick the plate but rather put more on the plate and use a fork and spoon. You gotta love this kid.

Anyhow, Jack is visiting and staying with me for a month while Gary and Judy are in the US. (the adoption has not yet gone through so I have a little brother around for a month). Last night I pull out the sauce, and yes, Jack gets excited, and says, "did you make it?" I answer yes, and he says, "good, you make really good sauce." I am encouraged.

We sit down at the table, and this is where the lousy Italian part begins. Pasta has wheat. Pam can't eat the pasta, but what am I to do? I LOVE spaghetti, and honestly, my favorite part is the sauce, but you can't really eat the sauce without noodles can you? It seemed sinful to even consider it. So I pulled a few experiments, which seem to be a regular occurrence at mealtimes trying to substitute common meals with uncommon ingredients.

A few examples. Instead of sloppy joes on a bun, I eat the meat on lettuce. Not half bad. Kinda like a taco salad, just sloppy. Instead of pbj on bread, pbj on a rice cake. Not so bad. But what do you do with spaghetti sauce?

I tried three things. None of them worked to well, and I thought, if there was an Italian at my table they would be disgusted. Rice cakes and sauce are not recommended. Nor do I recommend rice and sauce. The lettuce and sauce wasn't too bad, but still not the same as those lovely noodles and sauce. I would be a lousy Italian, so its a good thing I'm of Irish heritage, however I am not good at that either, I detest corn beef and cabbage.

The wheat adventure continues. I am praying that the idea of reintroducing wheat slowly after a period of not consuming wheat at all comes to fruition, as I like to think I could eat lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli and so many other things again.


g9ine said...

One time, I ate half a jar of fancy pants pasta sauce while I was cooking some pasta. It was tasty and very easy on the clean up afterwards. However, I wasn't as hungry for the pasta when it was ready, and I didn't have enough sauce left. I also felt ashamed for betraying my heritage. :-(

Nate and Amanda said...

How is it going with a little bro?