Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It's a word I didn't yet know in swahili, but sure enough it is at the top of my list of words to learn.

Katie and I went to our favorite local dive today for some good ol' Tanzanian food! We ordered our favorite, Wali Rosti, which is basically meat and rice, but it so so much better than it sounds.

A few minutes later the waiter comes to the table and says there is only enough wali rosti for one person and offers us something different, I didn't recognise it and explained I didn't understand what he said. He said, I will bring it to show you, but its meat, just different.

So he brings out a dish of the meat and Katie and I both look at it and say, ok, looks alright.

Well, it wasn't alright. it was liver, cleverly disquised as meat, and it tasted like liver and smelled like liver and yes it had that liver texture.

We manged to share both, and swallow down as much as possible. We then came home to look up the word for liver in the dictionary so we don't ever get duped again!

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