Thursday, June 28, 2007

It happens all the time...

But it never gets any easier! People come and go and live among us, bless us, encourage us and make us love them deep down in our hearts...and then they leave. I remember saying goodbye to folks in March 2006 and being relieved because that meant that I was done...boy was I wrong! I was far from done. It has been a year of continuous hellos and goodbyes.

Katie will be mad at me for saying this, but I think this is the hardest one by far. She has been an instrumental help for me in Unga. She has helped me lay the groundwork, the foundation for future ministry. She has laughed with me in the mud, and been frustrated with me when yet another person saw us as just a source for a handout. She has used her sarcasm on me in countless ways and kept us laughing, my cheeks and abs are almost always sore when she is around. She is a treasure.

Today we took our last walk in Unga. It was such a hard walk for me. The last 6 months of prayer walking included Katie in almost every one, many times she was the only one who could go with me. We walked extra long and extra far today, and I could tell both of us weren't really ready for it to end, except our legs, feet, clocks and stomachs were saying it was time.

Pray for us as a team, as we let this gem of a gal head home. Pray for Katie as she travels back to the USA tomorrow. Pray for safety in her journey, but also pray for her heart, as returning to the USA after a trip like this can be a heartbreaking experience. The transition is tough for everyone, Katie isn't an exception. Beg of God to reveal the next steps for her in life (our team is selfishly praying that He would bring her right back to us.) Pray that He would be near to her, so near to her that she could not deny His presence, and pray that He would bless her 100 fold for her time here.

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