Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bye bye pasta

I love them. I love when I happen to bump into a visiting Doctor. I love that God knows my needs and meets them.

So it has been 2 months since my Annie symptoms started. No I didn't go to a clinic for a formal diagnosis, I don't have faith in their lab. I know they don't disinfect well and well, I just question the reliability of the results. So Annelle (team leader and nurse) and I talked about my bowels and what was going on with my insides, we deduced that it was either an Amoeba or a flu bug. Again without any testing. But there was some uncertainty I will admit. Characteristically with an Amoeba the symptoms occur after every meal. Mine didn't. I didn't have the flu, cause it has been 2 months.

I had options with Annie. Drugs or ride it out. The drugs were intense, 3 pills 3 times a day, and well, I just thought, if I can ride it out that would be better. So I have been riding it out for about 2 months. Yesterday I was sick of Annie and sick of riding it out and sick of my insides churning so I caved and prepared myself for drugs and went to the pharmacy. And who should be in that pharmacy but a visiting Dr! From AMERICA! The Land of the Free and as many of us call, the promised land!

So I talked to him. And pretty much put it all out there and explained to him everything there is to know about my bowels, my insides, my pain and suffering. The conversation:

Dr: Hmmm. I don't think it is an amoeba. especially since it isn't after each meal.
Me: Then what could it be? I just have got to get rid of this feeling.
Dr: I have two immediate suspicions. Wheat. Dairy.
Me: Confused. What? But ice cream and pasta are two of my favorite food groups!
Dr: He laughed and seemed comforted by my ability to joke at such a juncture. Pam, I suggest you look over the last week and if you can remember, what days you were sick and what you ate, try and narrow it down. Then cut one of these out for a few days to a week and see what happens.
Pam: hmm. I think I liked the idea of drugs for an amoeba better! But I will try it.

So starting today, I am gonna eliminate wheat, which will prove to be a challenge but I am up to it. I love ice cream way too much, and well, i was violently ill all night and into this morning and I didn't have dairy yesterday.

But I really like the pasta part of my day! What a dilemma!


Megan Fausset said...

I feel your pain. If it turns out to be dairy, I can send you some Dairy-Ez if you need it.

g9ine said...

This probably isn't available in Africa, but I hear, from a die-hard 'scream lover, who has discovered she is lactose intolerant, that this stuff has the same giddyup for the taste buds as regular ice cream. I found out about it when I wrote Half Baked. For me, I'll stick with the boys from Vermont.