Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And Then there were six

It was quite a sight really. I couldn't help but laugh. Even thinking about it now brings a smirk to my face and a chuckle on my insides.

Picture this. Four college girls standing on chairs in my kitchen. Screaming and laughing at each other all at the same time. Then add to it, the night guard running to the door asking "Pamela, what's wrong? Is there a thief?"

I am standing in the doorway clueless. I had been given my dogs some loving on the porch reminding them that they work mostly at night and should stay awake tonight.

Why were there girls standing on my kitchen chairs? And why were they screaming? They saw the rat, that I have managed to not catch or even see for the last month. I have been trying to figure out how to catch him, but I don't want to poison him for fear of my dogs. Cause really, they will eat anything, I wouldn't put a rat beyond their list of fun creatures to play with in the yard.

A friend of mine brought me a trap and we set it up. Put his favorite food in there, bananas. He always eats my bananas. And then I did what any responsible host would do. I went to bed.

I woke up this morning to, "Pam, did we wake you up last night?" I sleep through just about everything, so of coures they didn't. I consider my sleeping ability a spiritual gift. I am really quite good at it.

I asked what happened, they spotted the rat again, in the fruit bowl, eating the apples. Not the apples! Apples are the most expensive fruit in town! Nonetheless my rat friend has good taste. He likes my brownies, my cookies, and my fruit. I have decided that his sticking around is a compliment to the chef.

Now there are six. Four interns. Me. and the rat with good taste in food. I am praying the grocery bill doesn't grow much more than it already has.

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