Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I was thinking today, that you can tell alot about a persons week when you look at the new vocabulary they have learned:

banduki: gun
mawe: large rocks
mawe madogo: small rocks
udongo: mud
mchanga: sand
cementi: cement (I admit, that was cheating, but I got it right the first time!)
panya: rat
ufunkika: lid
sumu: poison
balozi: cell leader of 10 (in my case, my representative in my community)
shanga: surprise
kasirika: anger
maono: vision
ukahaba: prostitution
yatima: orphan
mashumari: candles
upweke: alone
ndoa za mikataba: divorce
mvumulivu: patience
kuvumalivu: to be patient
mwongo: liar
garden of eden: bustani ya eden

Thats just a few. gives light into the last few weeks. Yep I have rats. Yep I am getting myself into a construction project and yep, I have spent some time in the slum. All in all a good week.

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