Monday, May 21, 2007

Scarecrows and clarification

Stefano is working again tonight, and as I was going through the hassle of unlocking the door he was rehashing the chaos of the other night and was telling me how he was ready tonight. He said, tonight there are four of me. I of course didn't use my poker face to conceal the confusion so he elaborated.

He took the chairs that were sitting on my front porch, and brought extra clothes with him tonight. He put the chairs on each side of the house. And put a scarecrow in each one! He cracks me up! Anyhow, the scarecrows may or may not work, if anything they are keeping the dogs entertained as they are quite confused!

Which leads to further clarification. The other night was a RARE thing. Some were concerned about my safety, but honestly, I have lived here over a year and it was the first time I felt nervous concerning safety in my own home. The bars are just typical, the guards are mostly to keep people out who may just want to do petty theft or such, and a creative ploy to provide jobs. So, for those who are worried, don't, just make it a habit to pray for the safety of anyone working in a foreign country!

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