Thursday, May 03, 2007

On Silence.

No worries, I am still alive. And I am doing rather well. Many have emailed asking for an update, wondering what is going on, and wondering why I haven't updated the blog in over two unlike me...the only excuse for my silence, is my desperate need for it lately.

No offense folks, I think I am in a new phase of adjusting to life here, and fighting the battle of letting the "busyness" of everything get in the way of my hanging with God and getting the necessary alone and quiet time for this introverted gal.

Its been a busy few weeks. April was a blur.

It started in Tanzania. Then I was in Nairobi for 4 days. Then I was in Mombassa for 7 days for a spiritual retreat with my team and our annual team meeting. I returned to a house that needed packing, moved a week later, and then four days after moving returned to Kenya to say goodbye to Amy as she headed back to Indianapolis. Helen came back with me and we had a blast of a weekend. In actuality, I spent more days in Kenya than in Tanzania this month. I don't have any other road trips planned...oh wait, there is one more in May...but the infrequency of travel plans is exciting me.

The move went wonderfully. Of course there were a few bumps in the road. A leak in the brand new roof...honestly...i haven't lived in a house where there wasn't a leak in the roof... a power surge that caused sparkes and scorched the tree outside, thankfully it had been raining so the tree and the house didn't burn down...but I still can't seem to get the electric company to come and take care of it. They said they would come today, and that is what they said yesterday...and the day before... maybe tomorrow! Since that spark, the hot water heater now trips the I am boiling water for baths, and can proudly say I have mastered the recipe for a decently warm bath. 5 gallons of boiling water poured into a tub filled with about 2 inches of cold water works great...just in case you ever need to know.

But all in all, I don't regret the move one bit. This house has so many blessings, it is nearer to the main road (everyone who has driven up my road breathes a sigh of relief), it has more space and my room allows space so that when I have roomies I can get away and not feel like the walls are caving in. The landlord took effort to plan flower gardens in the yard...I know...most of you might wonder why that is important, but I love flowers, and to sit on the porch and enjoy the yard is quiet restful! The kitchen is larger which is great for my cooking craze. I actually have a counter top in this one so I can actually prepare a few things at the same time! And...the washing machine is in the house...not across the yard...but I really should just be thankful for a washing machine...

After all this chaos, it is no wonder why I need this time alone. It has been a bit nuts for the last several months. I will be honest enough to say that my relationship with God suffered because of all my travels and moves and chaos. I feel like this month of living alone will be good for me. (interns arrive June 6 or 7) I can get back into my routine, I am starved of a routine in my life. Lack of routine leads to lack of time with God. Lack of time with God leads to a lot of other things lacking in my life.

Thanks God for a time of rest.

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