Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh the fingertips!

A few weeks ago I posted an entry on playing air guitar, and I must say, that I am floored by the generosity of the body of Christ.

About a week ago Peter Russell offered me the use of his guitar while he was on furlough until July/August. Honestly it was hard to take, as I know it means a lot to him and well, accidents happen in this country and I wasn't sure if I could take the risk. In a father/big brother way he challenged me to accept this offer, and play my heart out. So I brought the guitar home, changed the strings and nearly wept when I plucked those strings....not because of the sheer joy of the strumming...but because it was a realization of how much you can forget in 6 years! It is like I am starting all over again...

Also about a week ago I got an email from a supporter who I am pretty sure would like to remain nameless. Anyhow, she had read my blog and emailed me to say that she and her husband, who is also a guitar player, had decided they were gonna buy me a guitar (WOW!) and send it in June with the interns...if I would accept. WOW. Again WOW! I literally stared at the screen for a bit, not knowing how to respond, to receive such a gift, I was incredibly humbled. I accepted the offer, and come the first week of June, I should be able to set aside Peter's guitar in a safe place awaiting his arrival and strum my own.

Which leads to the finger tips, those who play, know what I am talking about, they are sore, they are out of shape, and it is so worth it. Even though I am incredibly rusty, and the strum pattern is off, and the fingers don't move as quickly along the neck, my heart is still somehow able to enter into a place of worship as I play and replay and relearn those old worship songs. Praise God that he meets me there regardless of the sound.

And, for those of you wondering... I have not given up my air guitar routine!

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