Friday, May 25, 2007

Mud and Cheetos

So what is mud made of anyhow? Dirt and water?

Lets see. In Unga, there isn't a santation system. So, probably there is more than just dirt. Probably raw sewage, trash of course, cow waste, food waste...really any kind of waste you can think of. These are the things I had to keep reminding myself as I wore my green gum boots and made a terrible fashion statement. I know, interested readers want pictures of these shortcomings...but the camera isn't here yet...but it should be tuesday night!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I am!

Prayer walking is getting more exciting by the experience. Today I think people thought we were the craziest white girls in town as we walked down their passageways. It was cold, misty, seemed as if it could pour anytime, none of them were out unless they had to be!

We stopped and talked to several people on the way and when they asked what we were doing they looked at us funny when we informed them we were walking, visiting and praying. On a wrong turn we somehow ended up at a school that we had never seen before, actually about 100 yards from a school and out of nowhere about 25 kids pounced on us. We talked for a bit and they begged us to come to their class, but I could see the displeasure on their teachers face, we apologized, said we had to go but promised to come back in the future. I am becoming more and more familiar with the area and the ladies who sell stuff are starting to recognize us and share more about their lives. Maybe this is why we needed to wait, we needed to know more of them and they needed to know more of us!

After praying and walking through waste-mud this morning I went to town with Tami. Their car was broken down so we ran errands together. We went to one of our favorite little grocery stores (it is the size of a normal quick stop at a gas station in the US.) and we scored! Folks, these people must know Americans like their food. Somehow they managed to get cake mix, the real kind, like Betty Crocker Yellow cake mix!!! And brownie mix, and pancake mix...and...yep, you guessed it...Cheetos!

As a missionary you learn to hoard. You never know when you will see a yellow cake mix on a shelf again, or chocolate or lemon for that yes, a shelf in my pantry is now dedicated to cake mixes! It will come in useful for the parties! And yes, I did buy a bag of Cheetos Puffs and yes I did open them the instant I got home and yes I did do a dance in my kitchen and praise God when they weren't stale! (we sometimes find things like doritos and pringles are a common find, but they are alway stale!)

So, yes again, my blog entry is about mud and food. I really should spice up my life a bit!

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