Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gum Boots and more waiting.

Today Katie and I continued our prayer walking in Unga. We are at a standstill with CHE. The pastor I met with a few weeks ago (yes, when I had that really strong gut feeling that was SO off!) asked that we wait until another missionary working in the area returns before we go forward. He wants to make sure CHE won't interfere with anything already being done. So we wait. (I am not good at waiting :) ) They return in July. So until then Katie and Iwill continue praying and walking and getting to know Unga better.

Today we did. And I learned a lesson, and if I had a camera I would have taken pictures of my lesson learning experience to post here. But I don't. It comes next week though! Beware, there might be an outpouring of pictures in the coming weeks!

I learned that gum boots are essential. I have never worn a pair until today. I should have invested in them sooner. You see, it rained in Unga last night. So the road was a mess. And to be honest, I know I was walking through more than just mud, in my flipflops. What a fool I am. But I just can't bring myself to wear tennis shoes and a skirt...I just CAN'T do it! So we walked and prayed and laughed at the mud on our feet, and tried not to think about what else is on our feet and we realize, everyone else around us, is smart they are wearing gum boots. So guess what I did after our prayer walk...I went to the market and for $6 got a pair of gum boots. I had hoped to find something crazy and cool like the blue pair pictured, but mine are rather plain. They only come in two colors (I was really hoping for red or orange) but got green. Now I just need to get over wearing gum boots and a skirt. When did I start caring so much about fashion?

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