Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Camera Sadness

We (the team and I) have come to the conclusion that my camera has been stolen, most likely in the move. Why you ask?

Cause I know exactly where it was the day of the move, and everything that was with it has been located, except the camera itself. All boxes, baskets, bags have been unpacked and no camera. Also I have an obsessive memory and can remember the exact placement of the camera in the basket with other items I am certain it was with. Since all other items were in their place as I remember them and the camera isn't I assume it walked away. So sad. Cameras are important. I like to take pictures and I like to share them with you.

Thankfully I have some moolah saved, and a team is coming in a few weeks and can bring it to me. So, don't worry, more pictures soon. I think the hardest part is knowing that someone would take it. Vulnerability. It stinks.

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