Friday, May 11, 2007

Big Event! Pray!

So the last year, has been all about Swahili, learning the culture, doing my on field training coursework, preparing to implement a project and adjusting to life here. It has all been to work up to starting a new Urban CHE program in Arusha, and eventually others in Northern Tanzania...

Well, according to Tanzanians, I have become Mswahili (basically as Tanzanian as I can get, they won't tell me I am Tanzanian, but since I am speaking swahili I am pretty close.) One of them told me I didn't need to study anymore (no worries, I am VERY well aware that there is A LOT more to learn!) I have learned a lot about culture, of course I learn more each day, I finished my course work, and have been researching and praying about Unga Limited (a slum of Arusha).

In that research we have met many people, pastors, government officials, key leaders in the community etc. We have submitted surveys, walked and prayed, and so much more. All in hopes that we would one day start a CHE program here.

Sidenote: An important aspect of CHE is that the community initiates its implementation. ie. I tell them all about it and hope they come back to us and say they want to use it as a tool to change their lives and the lives of those in their community. So in honesty, we have done a lot of work in hopes that one day it would be returned by a Tanzanian from Unga coming to us and saying,"My friends and I want to do CHE, what do we do next?"

This past week I think we reached a new point of relationship. A pastor and his wife asked for more info. We met and described our relationship with other ministries and what CMF does here. I saw them at church on sunday and they asked us to come back saturday (tomorrow) for more. I have a feeling, a very strong gut feeling I might say, and usually my gut is pretty good at these things, that they plan to ask us to help them do CHE in their community!!!! (This is where the whole crowd roars, sings praises, rejoices, and then falls on their knees in prayer for this program, for this project and the people in Unga!)

Meeting is set for 1o AM my time tomorrow!

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