Monday, March 05, 2007

Passion Juice Please.

Today I went with some team members to McMoody's. Our own local McDonald's imitation, no worries, it is nothing like McD's, however they do have one thing in common. I don't really like either of them!

Anyhow, i got there after everyone else. First mistake. Everyone else had ordered (no ordering at the counter here.) I called the waiter over and asked for the cheeseburger meal with passion juice. The cheeseburger meal comes with chips and a juice.

About 5 minutes later I saw him coming up the stairs with a tray full of passion juice. He drops one at every table but ours. He glances our way so assume he remembers my juice.

Another 5 minutes pass. He brings a few pepsi's to the others at my table. I remind him about my juice. He says, I will be right back.

Another 5-10. He brings everyones food. I ask again for my passion juice.

Another 5. (not joking at all) He brings the table next to us, refills in passion juice. Does not bring mine. i try to get his attention. He keeps walking.

Another 4-5. We are laughing hysterically at this point. He brings me my cheeseburger, but no chips. I ask for my chips. He says, you want chips? I say, yes, the cheeseburger comes with chips and juice. He want juice? I switch to swahili. Yes. I want chips and I want passion juice please.

A few minutes later. The chips arrive. Still no juice. We laugh harder.

A few minutes later he brings yet another tray of juice up for others sitting in the area, i assume one will be for me. not a chance. We are holding our stomachs laughing at this point and the lady at the table next to us thinks we must be some weird tourists!

I get his attention and ask for my juice. He says ok. Comes up the stairs with a juice...and takes it to another table! Now I am annoyed.

I try another route and grab a different person. In swahili I pleasantly stop this young girl and say, I am really sorry to bother you, but I have asked that man for juice at least 10 times, but he can't seem to bring one, could you please help me and bring me a passion juice the next time you come up the stairs.

She says sure. I will get it now. And sends the guy himself to get a passion juice for me.

He comes back up, but not with juice. My meal is nearly finished and we are all having a good laugh at all the juices that have managed to make it up the stairs to this sitting area and gone right past us!

Finally. I make eye contact with the girl and the guy who are standing together. They look at each other and I beg for a juice. My juice arrives. I appoint someone else at our table to ask for the bill...we didn't have enough time for me to ask for it!

I think the part that makes this story so funny, and kept us laughing so hard, is that this is not just a one time experience. I have this problem (not necessarily with juice per se) but with McMoody's every time i go there. Last time I tried to order a cheese pizza and add chicken, but couldn't cause the cheese pizza was on the vegetarian menu and chicken is a meat. Another side of life in Tanzania.

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Ken Lawrance said...

Glad to hear that you laughing rather than frustrated, though it sounds like frustration was a part of the process at some point in the past. I certainly would have been really upset, but you've learned to choose laughter. I guess that's part of living in Africa!