Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yes. I am MOVING again. Yes this is the 3rd place I have "lived in" since I arrived last march. Yes I am crazy, but at the same time I think if I continue to stay in the place I am in and continue to have the hassles with water and daily survival...I will really be crazy...I still don't have an account with the electric company, Water is a daily issue, and the list goes on and on...

My friends (and neighbors) Pam and Brandt are moving. Thus, their house, which is close by, is coming available, and it is in my budget. I know this will be a better situation as since they have lived there 2 years without water problems I know that headache will soon be gone. Also, Brandt is a well trained carpenter, and can fix just about that being said I know the house is working! (this is BIG deal!) I will still have a bad road, but I will not have the water problems I am having, and my water bill will drop about $150 per month (that's reason enough!) and I will still have plenty of space to host guests...speaking of which...when are you coming to visit?

Moving day is April 30/May 1.

PS. One should note, that the day I was praying about whether or not to water pump broke...i took that as an inevitable sign of future life in this house...yet again...water in the house is sparse... plenty in the tank though!

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