Monday, February 05, 2007


It is 10PM on monday night and I just came home from a Superbowl Party! Praise God for technology and satellite TV! I got to watch the game, mind you several hours after it was over, and watch the Indianapolis Colts take the title! YEAH COLTS!

There were a few differences in my first superbowl in Africa:
  • No chips n salsa (very sad I know)
  • I couldn't take it and looked up the score first thing this morning...thus I knew who won before kickoff this evening!
  • I was surrounded by non-hoosiers!
  • No Commercials!!! So very sad, but apparently the re-run satellite version cuts out the good commercials and puts in the European ESPN commercials...they were pathetic.
  • Since I was in Africa, there aren't any celebrations in the streets, as I am sure there were in Indy...most here don't even give thought to American Football.
Congrats Indy, we finally got it. I can't believe I wasn't even in town to experience it.

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Eric said...

It is indeed a very bizarre experience to witness the Superbowl outside of the United States... I watched this year's Superbowl in Amsterdam -- among a crowd of drunken expatriates in a bar in the tourist section of the city. We were able to watch it live (albeit in the wee hours of the morning), but we definitely did miss out on some of the classic accoutrements to Superbowl viewing. Most significantly, like you mentioned, European (in our case, British) television coverage of the event was abysmal. For some reason they got Don Johnson (of "Miami Vice" fame) to serve as one of the commentators -- even though his football knowledge and commentating ability were weak (he even kept forgeting the names of the players). And every time a British person would try to use an American football expression, I would just want to wince with empathetic embarrassment...

It was fun getting to see the game, at any rate. I was pulling for the Bears, but I'm happy with a Colts win too. Congratulations!