Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Have warriors...will conquer!

As promised. The rest of the story.

I made sure this morning that I was armed and ready for todays trip to the police station. Let me explain. There is an unwritten heirarchy here. Women are respected very little...until they get married. They become even more respected when they bear a child. Men, are respected from the get go. They however, gain more respect with age, experience and depending on job or where they come from. Today, I took one of our older workers, who is male, who lives in the community where the police station is located.

The day started off rough. I had to type a letter to take with us this morning and wouldn't you know it there was a typo. So we stopped at the office to retype and reprint. As luck would have it, the printer refused to function. So we prayed and took a hand written letter.

We arrived late, mostly because of the printer malfunctioning. The police man asked if we got what we needed, and we said yes. Then he went next door to get the form that I needed from him. It was his last form. He said he could only do it if we went and copied the form for him. So we went to the next village, and went to the photocopy place. Their copies were poor quality....REALLY poor. So we went down the road further. This one the power was cut so it was closed. A little further, closed as well. Last, we found a place to make good copies...BUT they were out of paper! So we had to go to another store and buy paper.

We returned to the station with copies in hand. The policeman takes us inside and says he cant fill it out until we go to court, even though yesterday he said he could. we argued (rather the two Tanzanians with me argued) and finally he set it aside and started working on the second document I needed from him. No Joke, it took him nearly an hour to fill out a form hat was half a sheet of paper. I was later informed that it was because he wanted us to realize how hard he had to work in hopes that we would give him something. Back to the first document. Again, refusal to fill it out. We decide to plead with the insurance company about it, and see if it is really necessary.

We leave, have lunch and go to the Insurance company. They understand full well...and grant us a pardon on the last document we needed! So, as we speak, my car is getting an estimate, and hopefully soon it will get repaired!

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scott price said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing your life in Africa. Think of the stories you will have to tell when on furlough! :-)